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Why Ditch Caffeine?

As if the amazing benefits of figs and Coffig are not enough, removing caffeine from a diet has enlightening health benefits. Caffeine is linked to potentially life threatening conditions, such as high blood pressure, fatigue, rapid heart rate, muscle breakdown, and digestive issues. Coffee has also been linked to early onset heart attacks in young and otherwise healthy individuals. By opting for a caffeine alternative, you are also decreasing anxiety levels-caffeine induced anxiety disorder is listed as one of the most common syndromes in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, making caffeine consumption particularly dangerous for sufferers of anxiety disorder syndromes. By opting for healthy and natural coffee alternative, one cup contains more energizing product than multiple cups of coffee combined, and provides unbeatable health benefits.

A Phenomenal Superfood

Being a well known superfood, the fig has an enormous set of health benefits that give the body natural, healthy energy. Being rich in magnesium, these sweet delights significantly improve muscle and bone development, aid in the bodies protein building function, and even maintain healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Packed with vitamin A, figs maintain healthy vision. They also help the body create new red and white blood cells which boost immunity to effectively fight off viruses. Rich in fiber, figs have been known widely as a method for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, even being featured in many fitness and weight loss beverages. With a huge portion of antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols, figs brighten up skin texture as well as fight against acne and effectively promote skin health and wellness-even being used as an active ingredient in many dermatology and high end skincare products. With these immense benefits concentrated into our coffee alternative, there is no wonder why people everywhere are ditching coffee and choosing a cup of energizing Coffig instead.



Julie from Oregon has a personal testimony about how she’s weaned away from caffeinated coffee! Try her COFFIG Replacement Method (CRM) truly works wonders!!


What is COFFIG and how does it improve your health and happiness?



Check out this endorsement from Chef Mike from Colorado about this AMAZING coffee alternative truly fulfilling the URGE to drink coffee! 

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