All across the world, millions of people wake up to sunshine and begin their day. Some arise rejuvenated and full of natural energy, but most require a small kick-start to get all of their mental functions in gear. This requirement brings with it the first choice of the day – what do I need to get started? There is one segment of people who will choose coffee in its many forms, another group will choose tea with supplemental boosts, and yet another group will grab lightning in a bottle (or can) known as an energy drink.

Each choice has its own benefits, but one in particular has a very dangerous side to it – the energy drink. The long-term ill-effects of consuming the energy drinks outweigh the short-term benefit of a quick boost to get your day going. The primary reason to avoid these sugary substitutes is the heavy dose of caffeine, which plays tricks on the body, forcing it to believe there is an abundance of energy. The truth is that the ‘rush’ felt after consuming energy drinks is more akin to a sugar rush, which is followed by a hard crash mentally and physically. Another negative impact of energy drink consumption is that the overdose of caffeine, sweeteners, and artificial flavors dehydrates the body, sapping the natural filtration system and causing metabolic damage to the body.

The negative impact of energy drink consumption is enough reason to seek healthier alternatives to gain true natural energy. This can be achieved by trying a wonderful coffee alternative – COFFIG.

COFFIG is an excellent nutraceutical or antioxidant and is made from 100% dry black mission figs (proprietorially roasted and ground), which is great for mental clarity and natural balancing and energy. Its rich aroma and excellent taste will encourage you to add COFFIG to your daily routine!

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