Personal Testimonials

Dear Mr. Paúl –  I just received my shipment of COFFIG on Saturday.  Thank you for such prompt service.  I first tried your beverage while visiting my brother-in-law in the ICU at the hospital.  We were there for several days.  I have not had regular coffee in over 8 years because the caffeine bothers me.  One day they were offering samples of COFFIG which smelled wonderful.  I wished I could have a cup.  What a surprise when I was told it was made from Non-GMO figs.  I had to have some.  It was rich and delicious and provided me a small comfort at a difficult time.  I ended up having  two cups that day.  So as soon as I came back home, I knew I had to order some.    As I am very health conscious, this fits right in with my lifestyle.  Many thanks to all those who are making such a wonderful product. 



William, my mother tried the COFFIG samples and she wants to buy the Tea Bags. I believe she said that in your website it only has the COFFIG POWDER or Bags for sale online. She said she is done drinking coffee:) Here is her phone number…her name is L.P. Please keep up the excellent work you folks are doing to bless so many people around the world. (via a personal phone text) A happy and very thankful son,


Thank you William!  The reason for my order is that my mother tried the samples you sent with Kevin and LOVED it!  I didn’t even get to try it because she drank it all!  Her birthday is coming up and I thought this would be a nice gift for her. I have a feeling she and I will become  regular customers!  I’m looking forward to getting a chance to taste some of this batch. Thanks again. Two of my best friends are customer’s of yours and they rave and talk wonders of your product, my time has come to try this for myself, very motivated and intrigued with all the recipes you shared with us via e-mail the other day, thanks for doing that and also for the beautiful music videos you shared with us!!!


William & Rosmarie,  Thank you for making this awesome product which has changed my life… even though I am a young mother of two, caffeine produced adverse problems in my body which were affecting me very much. Daily migrain headaches, acid stomach and I was finding myself not able to concentrate or even focus, so a started to Google Herbal Coffee Alternatives and found Coffig…WOW, what an incredible product!  You converted me from coffee to COFFIG and I am loving it!  

Sally Sue

Your product is OUTSTANDING! I was given a sample product. And I am excited to order a package next month. Warmly, J.E. — I learn about your product from a Bend Women’s Retreat that was streamed to the Molalla Oregon SDA Church. I am not a member… but a member of the Baha’i Faith. Warmly, J.E. — J.E.’s Reply I would love to have some samples to hand out. I have many friends who are Mormons who do not drink coffee.


COFFIG for LIFE Team: Thank you for this awesome natural drink, my whole family enjoys drinking COFFIG every day, even my children that never liked regular coffee! Wow, when we learned about all the benefits that figs have we wanted to have COFFIG more often, keep the good work! And please send us the entire information packet to become an independent COFFIG distributor if you’re set up for this. Thanks.


This is my personal testimony. COFFIG has made a BIG difference in my health, since for years I suffered acute stomach gastritis, but after drinking your product for less than a week I noticed a real improvement and now I almost don’t have this problem anymore. I am a registered nurse and a vegan chef; I am using this product in my own food recipes. Thank you for providing such a good beverage.


Hello, I just wanted you folks to know that your product has arrived at perfect time, since my doctor recently told me that because of heart problems and few other health issues I was not to drink coffee or any other caffeinated beverages…imagine my discouragement, but now I found COFFIG an excellent alternative to coffee, which taste so delicious, thank you so much for your product. We will share COFFIG to all our friends and co-workers.

K & T

You guys rock!!! Terrific, extraordinary, this is what I think when someone mentions COFFIG in our home, thanks for your drink, my whole family is hooked on COFFIG!!! 

C & S

For years we have been trying to wean of coffee, because even though we love it, the caffeine was killing us. So when a friend suggested your product, we purchased a bag and when we tried it…what a pleasant surprise. We never thought possible to enjoy a FIG COFFEE so much, but we do. What a blessing. Congratulations! 

L. & J.E.

Hello, my sister gave me a COFFIG Bag for Christmas. I am a 3 times breast cancer survivor and my immune system is rather low. My body can only tolerate certain natural and healthy foods, without any preservatives and other harmful chemicals. I am so DELIGHTED with your COFFIG! Do you have any representatives or distributors in USA for your products? I would like to be able to purchase this product. Please let me know, Happy New Year.


Hi, because of my outdoor work, usually in the colder weather I tend to catch colds and flus more easily. A friend of mine shared with me a cup of a unique coffee substitute made from figs (to be honest with you I thought this to be somewhat wacky, but I tried it and really liked it). Here comes the interesting part…I did not get sick or came with any colds or flus last year! So this year I made a larger purchase of your product and stocked myself for the winter…your drink is really a blessing, we have enough COFFIG here for everyone to enjoy.


Hello, I got very interested in purchasing this Fig Coffee after trying it for myself. My husband and I have a Natural Herbal & Tea Business. We are thinking of blending COFFIG with some exotic teas of ours, we even have a name idea to commercialize this new blend in Brazil. COFFIG is Very Good. Thanks.


Hello, my name is R., I am originally from Mendoza, and it’s been years now that I live in the United States. About a year ago I tried for the first time a tea bag of COFFIG which I loved, then a friend send me a bag of your powder COFFIG and I also enjoyed it very much. What I really like about your product is its many health and nutritional benefits and also because it’s an excellent natural alternative for persons such as myself who can’t drink regular coffee! Another thing, I would like to know if you are interested in promoting and opening the USA market for your product. Thank you so much, please reply back to me soon.


Hello, I purchased your product down in South America. Originally I am from Mexico and would like to purchase it here in my country, do you sell COFFIG in Mexico? My idea is to purchase a large quantity to have for my family and for my friends. Let me know as soon as possible when you are planning to bring COFFIG into Mexico, thank you so much. Keep up producing this excellent natural product, we all need COFFIG!


Hello, I am a celiac person for more than 13 years now, and would like to purchase COFFIG since all my friends are raving about your product. I tried it and loved it, is delicious and very aromatic, you guys have a WINNER and we want to become your satisfied customers. I live and work in Godoy Cruz as a school teacher. Thank you so much for what you are doing and accomplishing with your product, it’s a real pleasure to be connected with your company and philosophy.


Hello Guillermo, thank you so very much for the through and detailed information you sent my way. You know that this past Saturday I went to a public seminary/talk on: Natural Foods for persons who are suffering from Irritable Bowel – Colon and Allergies and there found out about the many health benefits of Fig Coffee. So back at my house I google Fig Coffee and found your COFFIG Company and product. My main interest is to try out your product, not so much to market or sell it, even though I will read all the information you’ve shared with me, who knows maybe I will become a successful distributor…smiles! Thanks for your sincere interest in our wellbeing, I can sense you guys are very special, God bless you all! Please keep us informed on what you are up to, we really want to be an active part of this movement of returning to basics and to nature! 


Hello, my name is Ana, I live in Mendoza, my mother Cecilia is a teacher who has specialized in helping deaf children. She is the one who shared with me your COFFIG product and to be honest, we were DELIGHTED with the quality and excellence of your product and presentation. I would like to become a COFFIG representative and promoter here in Buenos Aires, would you please send me what is needed to become an independent COFFIG distributor? Thank you very much.


Hello, wanted to write to you to let you know that your product COFFIG is one of my BEST sellers (by far). I am promoting this excellent product in a local Farmer’s Market Indoor here in Chacarita city of Buenos Aires every Wed. and Sat. What my selected clientele rave about your product is that is very tasty, effective and wonderful to use instead of regular coffee because it does NOT have caffeine and any other added harmful and artificial ingredients. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you and for the excellent customer service your company has. 


We are whole sellers wanting to commercialize your products here in our area, our company specializes in products for Celiacs and Diabetics and we have found your product to be an excellent natural product for both of these groups. Please send us your requirements for Distributors. Thank you for your interest and attention. 


We are whole sellers wanting to commercialize your products here in our area, our company specializes in products for Celiacs and Diabetics and we have found your product to be an excellent natural product for both of these groups. Please send us your requirements for Distributors. Thank you for your interest and attention. 


Just wanted to CONGRATULATE you for your EXCELLENT PRODUCT. This is the PERFECT SUBSTITUTE for coffee and even more because it’s Healthy and very Delicious! COFFIG has helped me to cut down my asthma attacks…how does it work I really don’t know but it does with four cups a day. Thank you again. 


Dear Friends: I bought your product for my father who has been suffering with cancer. He has a very special and restrictive anti-cancer diet based in alkaline foods. When he tried your product was elated and very happy…greetings and thank you very much for producing such an excellent and nutritional product for us to enjoy in behalf of our health.


Hi William,   Thank you for sending COFFIG samples to us at Spectrum.  You have some new fans! I am enjoying a cup this morning and Danielle in our accounting department is now a COFFIG enthusiast.   Thanks again!   Dan Spectrum Label Corporation  30803 San Clemente St., Hayward, CA 94544  510-477-0707  510-477-1757 direct Note: These folks are the ones who printed our first COFFIG Tea Bags Overwrap and small Tags! Thank you Spectrum!



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