FIG’s ENERGY by COFFIG NEW CTB Coffig’s Travel Bags (teabags) in Carton x20…Now Available!!

$89.70 $75.00

Many have been waiting for our CTB (Coffig Travel Bags = Teabags) Wrapped Coffig Bags to come back to market…well THEY ARE HERE READY to GO! Exclusive 6-Pack Carton Bundle for Your Convenience! Organic, Non-GMO, Caffeine Free, Dairy Free, Processed Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Chemicals Free. JUST ONE INGREDIENT which happens to be a SUPER FOOD!

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120 Individual CTB (teabags) in this 6-Pack Bundle

100 in stock

CTB CARTON with 20 Individualized Wrapped COFFIG's Travel Bags (teabags).  Practical, convenient and delicious way to enjoy your preferred HOT or COLD cup of COFFIG on the GO, Home or Office, yes even when camping, on the trails or flying across nation at 30,000 feet!

COFFIG's CTB...Your Best Wellness Energy Companion for an Amazing Energized Healthy Lifestyle!