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Ditch the Caffeine but Keep the Routine

Ditch the Caffeine but Keep the Routine

If you’ve made the decision to give up coffee for health reasons, you might discover that your love for coffee is not just about the caffeine. When you really think about it, what you could be missing the most is the coffee ritual.
Ditch the Caffeine but Keep the RoutineThink about when you most enjoy and would miss your daily coffee. Do you look forward each morning to sipping a stimulating hot drink while doing a little reading or journaling before starting your day?
Or maybe you like to savor a refreshing iced drink while taking a mid-afternoon break from work. Such a routine can help to “reset” your mind so you can resume working with renewed focus.
When you give up coffee for health reasons (and there are many – coffee is classified as a drug by the FDA), you don’t have to give up those little daily rituals that you’ve built around coffee.
It’s Your Choice
A good coffee alternative can ease your transition to a caffeine free life. True, many coffee alternatives do not taste exactly like coffee. But what if it’s not a precise taste replica you need? Keep an open mind, because in seeking a coffee flavor “twin,” you might overlook a drink that could become your new favorite.
Sometimes, it’s just a matter of what you’ve grown accustomed to. Take COFFIG, for example. Made solely from roasted figs, it replaces the bitterness that characterizes coffee with a smooth, rich flavor. Give your taste buds time to adjust; pay attention to the nuances of flavor in the new drink.
Soon, you’ll come to look forward to sipping your healthful coffee alternative as you make it part of your comforting daily rituals.

Freedom Never Tasted So Good

Don’t be surprised if you experience a new sense of freedom once you overcome the addiction to caffeine.
For example, have you ever been out to eat and wanted to choose a different beverage, but had to order coffee just to avoid being punished with a nasty withdrawal headache for choosing differently?
Now, when you stop at your favorite café and feel like having a strawberry smoothie instead of a latte, you’ll be free to indulge.

Try COFFIG – Help your body!

The human body is a natural work of art. Organs, bones and muscles work in unison to perform even the simplest task such as smiling or winking. These same components work together to achieve great things such as running marathons or dunking a basketball. With consideration for this work of art, one must facilitate this action with nourishment. What do you put into your body? Do you consume anything you see or are you more selective? Nature intends that we are selective in what we choose to eat and drink. Caffeine is consumed in mass capacity. It can be found naturally in the leaves, seeds, and fruits of more than 60 plants, including tea leaves, kola nuts, coffee, and cocoa beans. The problem here is that caffeine is a fraud…it tricks your body!

The caffeine in coffee increases catecholamine, also known as your stress hormones. That means the burst of energy or ‘awake’ feeling that coffee brings is actually heightened stress wrapped in temporary faux-focus.

Enter COFFIG – Natural Energy without the caffeine, Healthy and Delicious FIG Beverage Everyday… 24/7 Worry-free & Guiltless!

COFFIG can be consumed more frequently and will not bring the damaging effects of coffee with it. The only (delete primary) ingredient (delete s) in COFFIG, California Black Mission Figs, contain Pectin, a natural fiber which reduces LDL Cholesterol. Our product also contains Benzaldehyde, an anti-cancer agent. The benefits of switching away from coffee and harmful caffeine are immense as the removal of such fraudulent substances can immediately assist in wellness, digestive health, and even sleep patterns. Dried figs have been used since ancient times as a natural healing balm – poultice for diverse ailments and body boils. A fig, as the only ingredient, makes COFFIG safe for women during pregnancy and those suffering with chronic gastritis. Figs are a natural source of nutrition which are high in calcium, iron and potassium and also contain vitamins A, E, & K.


You should try a coffee alternative instead of energy drinks!

All across the world, millions of people wake up to sunshine and begin their day. Some arise rejuvenated and full of natural energy, but most require a small kick-start to get all of their mental functions in gear. This requirement brings with it the first choice of the day – what do I need to get started? There is one segment of people who will choose coffee in its many forms, another group will choose tea with supplemental boosts, and yet another group will grab lightning in a bottle (or can) known as an energy drink.

Each choice has its own benefits, but one in particular has a very dangerous side to it – the energy drink. The long-term ill-effects of consuming the energy drinks outweigh the short-term benefit of a quick boost to get your day going. The primary reason to avoid these sugary substitutes is the heavy dose of caffeine, which plays tricks on the body, forcing it to believe there is an abundance of energy. The truth is that the ‘rush’ felt after consuming energy drinks is more akin to a sugar rush, which is followed by a hard crash mentally and physically. Another negative impact of energy drink consumption is that the overdose of caffeine, sweeteners, and artificial flavors dehydrates the body, sapping the natural filtration system and causing metabolic damage to the body.

The negative impact of energy drink consumption is enough reason to seek healthier alternatives to gain true natural energy. This can be achieved by trying a wonderful coffee alternative – COFFIG.

COFFIG is an excellent nutraceutical or antioxidant and is made from 100% dry black mission figs (proprietorially roasted and ground), which is great for mental clarity and natural balancing and energy. Its rich aroma and excellent taste will encourage you to add COFFIG to your daily routine!

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EXUBERANT RADIANT LIVING Simple Steps to Health and Happiness (Part 3)

By William G. Paul (*) – COFFIG© for a Better Life
(Part 3) June 2016

Our Body’s Many Needs of Water. We will analyze the letter W (for Water) in the Wellness Weimar Acronym: NEW START©

Summer is here, hot weather, strenuous workouts; plenty of sweat and the IDEAL HYDRATANT for our bodies is and should always be W-A-T-E-R. Why? Because 70% of our body’s mass is water, even more, our brains are 40% water, in reality we can’t live without plenty of pure water.

Global information trends have been shaping and changing the way millions see and understand the need for a fresh supply of water every day. This was not so just 20 years ago, but we still have much catching up to do, and you might ask how? By the way we drink or try to hydrate our bodies, since for millions the best liquid that their bodies will ever have are soda drinks or alcohol, saturated with sugar and other harmful chemicals and elements, for many others caffeinated coffee is the closest to water their bodies will ever have.

A clean body and surroundings are indispensable for physical and mental health.

Water is an all purpose cleanser both inside and out. It is an abundant and effective agent for washing away dirt, germs, and bacteria. For an ideal and healthy hygiene, a nice abundant shower a day will keep bad odors and many diseases away or at bay! Take advantage of this God provided blessing, think in the many world areas that don’t have readily fresh water supplies, a well or a river, and the people have to travel, many times by foot days at a time for a limited supply (usually a bucket or so) of water, in many cases not even drinking water!

All the functions of the body depend on water. It is the universal lubricant that makes everything else work well.

A lack of water dehydrates the fluids, tissues, and cells of the body. It causes the blood to thicken, increasing the risks of stroke and heart disease. Insufficient water can mimic hypoglycemia, causing headaches, tiredness, and fainting spells.

The body loses ten to twelve cups of water every day. The food we eat provides two to four cups of water, so we need to drink six to eight glasses each day to make up the difference.

Pure plain water is the best way to replace the fluid you need. Many sugar-laden beverages actually result in a loss of water from the system; it requires more water to metabolize the sugar in a drink than it can provide.

Caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics, which cause the body to lose water. You need an extra glass of water for every high-sugar, caffeinated, or alcoholic beverage you drink. The dehydrate effect that caffeine has on the body, in many instances will dry the skin, causing premature wrinkles and other health problems.

Drinking water with meals dilutes the gastric juices and slows the digestive process. The best time to drink water is between meals, beginning an hour or so after eating, until fifteen minutes before the next meal.


In these hot summer days, being able to enjoy a cool COFFIG Shake, COFFIG Yogurt or Smoothie is like drinking a delicious and satisfying healthy dessert which will provide healthy nutrients and replenish the body’s needs of pure water without any negative harmful effects as what happens with caffeine, sugar based sodas and alcoholic beverages.


(*) The author was trained (1994) as a Massage – Hydro Therapist & Wellness Lifestyle Promoter under Dr. Charles Thomas. Ex-Director of Loma Linda’s Hydrotherapy Department at Dessert Hot Springs Therapy & Wellness Center, CA.


EXUBERANT RADIANT LIVING Simple Steps to Health and Happiness (Part 2)

By William G. Paul (*) – COFFIG© for a Better Life
(Part 2) May 2016 

In our previous Exuberant Radiant Living Article (Part 1) we introduced a Wellness Lifestyle Program, developed by the Weimar Health Institute in California named NEW START©. What we covered was the letter N that stands for NUTRITION (Proper or Ideal Nutrition).

Today we will advance to the second letter of the acronym: NEW START©, the E that stands for EXERCISE.

We were designed and created for action, and it is impossible to be truly well without it! Proper Exercise provides greater vitality, extra energy, and longer life.

  • Exercise helps us feel good. It is effective in fighting depression and in relieving anxiety and stress.
  • Exercise increases energy levels, making us more efficient and productive in all we do (real sustainable energy).
  • Exercise helps one to reach and maintain proper weight. It burns calories, builds muscle, and increases the metabolism.
  • Exercise stimulates the immune system. This decreases not only cold and flu infections, but also significantly reduces cancer mortality rates.
  • Exercise enhances circulation, which in turn improves memory and mental ability, and promotes better sleep and faster healing. It decreases the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis by delivering blood to the joints, and it can relieve headaches as well.
  • Exercise strengthens the bones, helping them retain calcium and other minerals, thus aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Exercise helps protect from heart disease by strengthening the heart, decreasing blood pressure and heart rate, and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Exercise aids digestion and promotes intestinal activity, reducing gas and constipation.
  • Exercise is known for increasing the production of endorphins              known as the happiness hormone for a positive attitude throughout your whole day!

Millions are seeking to have more and better ENERGY, but sadly they’re smujer_cafeeeking in the wrong place when their primary source is the early caffeinated cup of coffee. This alkaloid (caffeine) will never be able to provide true and sustainable healthy energy; to the contrary it will sap the body’s vitality and brainpowers by directly attacking the frontal cortex or frontal lobe, in addition to dehydrating the body and causing many other negative and harmful effects.

Why not go for Real and Sustainable Energy? The type of ENERGY that professional athletes are discovering lies within an Active Wellness Lifestyle based in Nature’s Way, with a Plant Based Diet, following the Principles of Health as we are sharing with you in this series of articles.

For many friends and customers, who are discovering true and real ENERGY as is found in COFFIG, their overall energy level is higher, naturally higher with all the added benefits of a unique and natural healthy product that will NOT rob anyone’s vitality and energy, on the contrary, it will provide a fresh influx of real energy for your brain, and fulfilling different daily needs without leaching or using beforehand your body’s stored energy supply! This is the reason thousands are making the wise and healthy transition to COFFIG…The Amazing Natural coffee alternative / replacement for a Better and Longer Health. Proudly produced in the Klamath Basin for the Nation and the World.


(*) The author was trained (1994) as a Massage – Hydro Therapist & Wellness Lifestyle Promoter under Dr. Charles Thomas. Ex-Director of Loma Linda’s Hydrotherapy Department at Dessert Hot Springs Therapy & Wellness Center, CA.


EXUBERANT RADIANT LIVING Simple Steps to Health and Happiness

By William G. Paul (*) – COFFIG© for a Better Life
(Part 1) 

HEALTH is wealth and the first can stand alone, but wealth not necessarily means health and when the later (health) is lacking there is no true happiness.

What are the “secrets of the world’s healthiest people”? Truly these ‘secrets’ are principles of natural law which, if followed will result in health and happiness for anyone willing to apply them in their own personal life!

There is a simple plan followed by those interested in vibrant health and wellness. This lifestyle-conditioning program is based and built on very practical and effective concepts proven to decrease fruit_diagonalyour risk of disease, and strengthen your body. These principles provide the foundation for dealing with any health condition successfully. Weimar Health Institute in Northern California created the acronym NEWSTART© to make these principles easier to remember. NEWSTART© stands for: Nutrition, Exercise, Water – Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest & Trust in Divine Power, we could safely say that there are a few other principles such as Hygiene and the Correct use of Clothing (we’ll later comment on these).

Applied individually, each health principle is very effective; but combined; the benefits are multiplied beyond what each one by itself could do.

Let’s analyze the first secret or life principle: NUTRITION (PROPER or IDEAL NUTRITION)

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