COFFIG Fig Coffee

Portland Coffee


Portland skylineCOFFIG is pouring around the world, including in the Portland, OR region. Portland already has a hot coffee scene culture – any city with a designated coffee walking tour takes their coffee seriously – with talented and unique-tasting craft coffee shops and COFFIG fits right in as a welcome addition, delivering sustainable-energy, caffeine-free coffee alternative packed with antioxidants!

Not only does COFFIG work as a coffee alternative, but it also is a unique and very enjoyable drink in its own right. Even though it is similar to coffee in taste, the bitterness of coffee is replaced by delicate hints of fig.

Our family-owned and operated business strives, is built upon, and is for our selected clientele, we take each and every customer very seriously. Your needs and choices are taken in our daily consideration. That´s one of the main reasons that COFFIG has been constantly growing, promoted by each satisfied customer, person to person or could we say…by a hot cup of COFFIG!

Your friends and family here in Portland will appreciate to know and try this NEW COFFIG SENSATION, which is both Healthy and Delicious!

We are seriously committed to quality, excellence and ongoing research and development.