About Us

It all began with a loving family…

While living in South America, William and his wife Rosmarie birthed the idea to create a beverage that tasted delicious and gave immense energy while also being a healthy energetic beverage. For years, the two researched and tested many roasting methods and formulas to create a delectable tasting health beverage that could replace caffeinated coffee in any diet. In 2008, their dream became not only a reality, but a wonderful triumph. Over the course of only a couple of years, Coffig went from being a locally known product to an international sought after and respected product, with William and Rosmarie even receiving requests from over a dozen different countries for their product.  Now, health food stores, exclusive restaurants, hotels, private schools, and supermarkets order Coffig to give to their customers due to the high demand, immense health benefits, and incredible aroma and unique flavor. Today, Rosmarie and William call the beautiful state of Oregon their home, and while their location has changed, their dedication to their product has not. Coffig proudly sources dry Organic Mission Figs from the Central California San Joaquin Valley, where the figs are grown, harvested, and sun dried naturally and pesticide free by a group of dedicated and hard working organic farmers who believe in the power of figs the same way William and Rosmarie do.  Coffig is built on their dedication and passion for human health and wellbeing, and because of this Coffig is seriously committed to quality, excellence, and ongoing research and development for all of their new products.

Our Founders

Meet the hard working and commited family producing the healthiest coffee alternatives who are taking the world by storm.

William, Rosmarie, Debbie and Christian Paúl

Our Promise to You

Coffig coffee alternative is dedicated to providing top – quality products that are natural and healthy, while also offering a quality customer service experience hands down.


100% Organic

Coffig is a 100% organic product that is locally sourced and does not contain pesticides or GMOs.

Fair Trade

All Coffig products are ethically produced with fair trade and family support in mind.

Caffein Free & Vegan

All of our products are organic, non-gmo, and FREE of: caffeine, dairy, processed sugar, gluten, chemicals and grains.


High Quality

We researched and tested hundreds of product variations and production methods, meaning that what you are getting is years of passion and a natural, healthy beverage-from our family to yours.

Always Fresh

Coffig coffee alternative products are regularly produced from only the freshest and highest quality figs.

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