COFFIG Fig Coffee

Our Story

 William G. Paul TournOur family dream began more than ten years ago… Ancient Spaniards, as many Arabs and Hebrews, amongst others around the world, knew the many health benefits of dry and roasted figs as other fruits, grains and legumes, so even though our dream is fairly young, fresh and dry figs have been around for centuries!

COFFIG began in South America, in the western province of Mendoza – Argentina by the mountain chain of the ANDES, which runs from the ANTARTICA all the way to North America through ALASKA into the North Pole. Many years ago we, as a family, had tried a similar natural fruit beverage made from dried figs and we thought… “One day, if we live where figs are grown, we’ll make our own natural FIG beverage” and this day came in 2006 when we started our own family roasting trials and formulas which we named COFFIG.

It took us approximately 3 years down in South America to go from being an unknown product to a nationwide success, and we got more than a dozen request from abroad to export our product to other countries such as Russia, Holland, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Israel, Ireland, Germany, Brazil, Uruguay and few others…so we know that COFFIG is highly appreciated and valued, even by Medical Doctors and certified Nutritionists and Dietitians.


This product has been sold in South America to Hospitals, Colleges, Government Offices, Public and Private Schools, Hotels, Exclusive Restaurants, Natural and Health Food Stores and Supermarkets, Catering companies, a Multilevel Natural Products Network Company, and through person to person within friendship circles!  I share all this information because I know that if you and our company join  efforts to promote Life and Natural Health; our WELLNESS grassroots movement will make a BIG difference for the BETTER!

What started in the Andes Mountains in South America now is been produced in the Majestic High Desert Lands of Southern Oregon, in the North American Pacific Rim.

We source our dry Black Mission Figs from the Central California San Joaquin Valley, there these black figs are grown, harvested and sun dried naturally and pesticide free from year to year by a group of dedicated fig growers and farmers.

ANDES Mountains in South America

Our Family Owned and Operated Business strives and is built upon and for our selected clientele, we take each and every customer very seriously.  Your needs and choices are taken in our daily consideration. That´s one of the main reasons that COFFIG has been constantly growing, promoted by each satisfied customer, person to person or could we say…by a hot cup of COFFIG!

Your friends and family will appreciate to know and try this NEW COFFIG SENSATION which is both Healthy and Delicious!

We are seriously committed to quality, excellence and ongoing research and development.