Caffeine & Menieres… do they match?

Millions around the world enjoy daily various drinks which are based or produced mainly from caffeine or other similar alkaloids and nerve stimulants such as found in coffee, black tea, mate and myriad of commercial “energy” sodas and soft drinks. The vast majority of consumers don’t really understand or have been informed on the serious dangers that these potent alkaloids mean to their wellbeing.

In this article we would like to introduce the topic of the dangers of one of these “legal” stimulants and narcotics which has been wrongly labeled and commonly used as food or drink.

Under the head of stimulants and narcotics is classed a great variety of articles that, altogether used as food or drink, irritate the stomach, poison the blood, and excite the nerves. Their use is a positive evil. Many seek the excitement of stimulants, because, for the time, the results are agreeable. But there is always a reaction. The use of unnatural stimulants always tends to excess, and it is an active agent in promoting physical degeneration, weakness and decay.

COFFEE (caffeinated coffee)

The action of coffee (tea and mate also acts as a stimulants and, to a certain extent are very similar to caffeine) and many other popular caffeinated drinks such as the so called “energy drinks”, produces intoxication. The first effect is exhilarating. The nerves of the stomach are excited; these convey irritation to the brain, and this in turn is aroused to impart increased action to the heart and short-lived energy to the entire system. Fatigue is forgotten; the strength seems to be increased. The intellect is aroused, the imagination becomes more vivid.

Because of these results, many suppose that their tea or coffee is doing them great good. But this is a mistake. Tea and coffee do not nourish the system. Their effect is produced before there has been time for digestion and assimilation, and what seems to be strength is only nervous excitement. When the influence of the stimulant is gone, the unnatural force abates, and the result is a corresponding degree of languor and debility.

The continued use of these nerve irritants is followed by headache, wakefulness, palpitation of the heart, indigestion, trembling (jitters), heartburn, gastritis, acid stomach and many other evils; for they wear away the life forces. Tired nerves need rest and quiet instead of stimulation and overwork. Nature needs time to recuperate her exhausted energies.  When her forces are provoked on by the use of stimulants, more will be accomplished for a time; but, as the system becomes debilitated by their constant use, it gradually becomes more difficult to rouse the energies to the desired point.

The demand for stimulants becomes more difficult to control, until the will is overborne and there seems to be no power to deny the unnatural craving. Stronger and still stronger stimulants are called for, until exhausted nature can no longer respond.

Studies and observations are linking caffeine with the menieres condition, the negative effects of caffeine on persons suffering from menieres is making many people to wean and leave caffeine for good, seeking to find other hot and cold natural drinks and beverages that will not harm the human system. People around the world are actively looking and researching products (in this case natural and healthy beverages made caffeine free) that will enhance and support their overall wellbeing.

Roasted and Ground Figs, as in the case of COFFIG, supports a healthy and active lifestyle, many satisfied consumers of this unique and even exotic natural beverage have found that once they start using and enjoying their daily COFFIG hot or cold drink they don’t crave anymore their caffeinated coffee, and this is a pleasant surprise for many, besides a great number of persons suffering from menieres have found that the nausea, vertigo and other similar symptoms associated with menieres don’t manifest as often (and for many at all) when they stop drinking caffeine or any caffeinated beverages.

Answering the initial question posed as the title of this article, it seems clearly evident that caffeine and menieres don’t match at all! What a blessing to have natural and healthy alternatives to caffeine and to regular coffee, right here being promoted in this blog and webpage!

A good friend of ours and a constant promoter of Life and Natural Health, ADRIANA LONDONO has recently written a book about her own experience with Meniere, and because of her situation with this condition, she contacted us about COFFIG since she had learned that she would never be able to “enjoy” her regular caffeinated coffee (cafecito colombiano), yes Adriana is from the beautiful country of Colombia.

Few personal unsolicited testimonies from satisfied customer…

“Dear Mr. Paúl –  I just received my shipment of COFFIG on Saturday.  Thank you for such prompt service.  I first tried your beverage while visiting my brother-in-law in the ICU at the hospital.  We were there for several days.  I have not had regular coffee in over 20 years because the caffeine bothers me.

One day they were offering samples of COFFIG which smelled wonderful.  I wished I could have a cup.  What a surprise when I was told it was made from figs and Non-GMO figs.  I had to have some.  It was rich and delicious and provided me a small comfort at a difficult time.  I ended up having  two cups that day.  So as soon as I came back home, I knew I had to order some.

As I am very health conscious, this fits right in with my lifestyle.  Many thanks to all those who are making such a wonderful product.

Sincerely,  Roseann N. A happy new customer!


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Hi Paul,

I learned about your product while searching for coffee alternatives.  Coffee just does weird things to my body and I know it isn’t just the caffeine.  So I was looking for other products.  I love figs so when I saw this, it sounded great!!  I hope it will be wonderful!!  Blessings to your team!!

Susan Jenssen – June 29, 2015 A Delighted Online Customer


Hello COFFIG Team: Just tried the COFFIG hot and cold.  WOW, I really like it and it is the closest to coffee I have come across!!  You made an amazing product with God’s original gift to your family!!  Tomorrow I am going to make it a little stronger and try making it like a latte!!  I am thrilled!!  It tastes GREAT and it is good for you all rolled into one!!  I pretty much do not want to eat or drink anything that wasn’t originally designed by God for us to consume.  I did pray before searching and am so pleased that God had me keep looking on Google until I found your site!!   I think it was on page 4, but not sure.  I am so thankful that He connected us!!  I will go onto Facebook as you suggested.

Thanks again for a wonderful product!

A very satisfied online customer – July 06, 2015

Adriana Londono * Phone 646-932-5047

We hope you’ll be able to try and enjoy other natural and healthy products that are being produced right from God’s Plant Based Creation!

No one needs artificial stimulants to feel and function better, if we follow the BLUEPRINT for WELLNESS found in programs such as NEW START (ADELANTE in Spanish) where Natural Health Laws such as: Pure Sunshine and Water, Ideal Plant Base Nutrition, Restoring Rest, Daily Active Exercise, Balanced Living or Temperance and Trust in Divine Power are combined for true ENERGY, Wellbeing and Happiness…then truly speaking NO one needs caffeine, nicotine, mateine or any such nerve stimulants. Try if for yourself, you’ll be a happy, very HAPPY you did!

William G. Paul