COFFIG Fig Coffee


fig coffee

Hot Coffig

Brew and serve like regular coffee. You’ll be able to use it in any coffee machine having in consideration that COFFIG

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Coffig Shake

Once you prepare your HOT COFFIG you can turn it into COFFIG SHAKE by adding ice cubes and blending it with your preferred

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Coffig + Herbal Teas & Fruits Juices

You’ll be able to combine our product with any herbal tea to discover a NEW taste. Also you may want to add

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Smoothies & Other Fun Ideas

Blend your choice of frozen fruits (if the fruit is not frozen, you can blend it with some ice), adding your own natural sweetener,

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COFFIG’s Hot Cereal Blend

Blend HOT COFFIG with some cooked oat meal (or cream of wheat, cooked millet, etc.), sweeten to taste, add a pinch of vanilla,

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COFFIG’s Many Other Applications

Special COFFIG Cookies, Wholesome COFFIG BREAD, COFFIG Granola, COFFIG ICE CREAM and much more!

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