By William G. Paul (*) – COFFIG© for a Better Life
(Part 1) 

HEALTH is wealth and the first can stand alone, but wealth not necessarily means health and when the later (health) is lacking there is no true happiness.

What are the “secrets of the world’s healthiest people”? Truly these ‘secrets’ are principles of natural law which, if followed will result in health and happiness for anyone willing to apply them in their own personal life!

There is a simple plan followed by those interested in vibrant health and wellness. This lifestyle-conditioning program is based and built on very practical and effective concepts proven to decrease fruit_diagonalyour risk of disease, and strengthen your body. These principles provide the foundation for dealing with any health condition successfully. Weimar Health Institute in Northern California created the acronym NEWSTART© to make these principles easier to remember. NEWSTART© stands for: Nutrition, Exercise, Water – Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest & Trust in Divine Power, we could safely say that there are a few other principles such as Hygiene and the Correct use of Clothing (we’ll later comment on these).

Applied individually, each health principle is very effective; but combined; the benefits are multiplied beyond what each one by itself could do.

Let’s analyze the first secret or life principle: NUTRITION (PROPER or IDEAL NUTRITION)

Food is vital to our health. It provides the building blocks for growth and repair, and fuel for energy. It is a key element in the length and quality of life. Poor diet contributes to weight gain, heart disease, cancer, and a host of other diseases.

Here is a practical and effective plan that provides a complete balance of essential nutrients for a radiant and exuberant health.

  1. Eat a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and nuts, seeds and legumes, prepared in a simple tasty way. This will furnish all the nutrients the body requires. For maximum health and energy, the human body needs a low fat, moderate protein, high carbohydrate diet with sufficient micronutrients and fiber.
  2. Avoid protein from animal sources. Animal products provide an excess of fat, cholesterol and protein; they often carry harmful viruses and bacteria, as well as hormones, antibiotics, and other chemical concentrations.
  3. Limit fat, sugar and salt. Select naturally sweet foods such as dried fruit rather than refined sugar, and choose olives, nuts and avocados—all in moderation—rather than refined fats and oils.
  4. Eat a good breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a light supper—or skip the evening meal entirely. A large breakfast containing a proper balance of nutrients will give you steady energy all morning (real sustainable energy). According to the notable Alameda County Study, eating breakfast has nearly as much of a positive impact on health and longevity as abstinence from tobacco. Timing is an important factor in dietary health. Food eaten in the morning is used during the day. Taken in the evening, it is stored as fat. Studies have shown that people have lost as much as ten pounds (10 Lbs.) a month merely by timing their meals correctly. There is wisdom in having two meals a day instead of three, but if you need three, make your evening meal the lightest and have it at least 2 hours before sleeping.
  5. Instead of starting your day with a cup or two of caffeinated coffee seeking to have the needed ‘punch’ for the new day…ENJOY a cup or two of COFFIG (Roasted Mission Figs) which will provided real sustainable energy throughout your day without any acid stomach or heartburn, without any jitters or tremors, without that “I’ll give you temporary energy & then I’ll take it away game”, or without any high blood pressure, headache or irritability, etc. If you’re not ready to completely cut your caffeine intake, then start reducing or substituting your daily regular coffee with COFFIG by adding this healthy coffee alternative to your coffee, start replacing 1 scoop or spoon of coffee by 1 scoop or spoon of COFFIG then you can increase to 2 scoops or spoons of COFFIG and so forth until imperceptibly you’ll be thriving with COFFIG for a Better and Longer Healthier Life, free of the harmful effects of “miss caffeine”

(*) The author was trained (1994) as a Massage – Hydro Therapist & Wellness Lifestyle Promoter under Dr. Charles Thomas. Ex-Director of Loma Linda’s Hydrotherapy Department at Dessert Hot Springs Therapy & Wellness Center, CA.