By William G. Paul (*) – COFFIG© for a Better Life
(Part 3) June 2016

Our Body’s Many Needs of Water. We will analyze the letter W (for Water) in the Wellness Weimar Acronym: NEW START©

Summer is here, hot weather, strenuous workouts; plenty of sweat and the IDEAL HYDRATANT for our bodies is and should always be W-A-T-E-R. Why? Because 70% of our body’s mass is water, even more, our brains are 40% water, in reality we can’t live without plenty of pure water.

Global information trends have been shaping and changing the way millions see and understand the need for a fresh supply of water every day. This was not so just 20 years ago, but we still have much catching up to do, and you might ask how? By the way we drink or try to hydrate our bodies, since for millions the best liquid that their bodies will ever have are soda drinks or alcohol, saturated with sugar and other harmful chemicals and elements, for many others caffeinated coffee is the closest to water their bodies will ever have.

A clean body and surroundings are indispensable for physical and mental health.

Water is an all purpose cleanser both inside and out. It is an abundant and effective agent for washing away dirt, germs, and bacteria. For an ideal and healthy hygiene, a nice abundant shower a day will keep bad odors and many diseases away or at bay! Take advantage of this God provided blessing, think in the many world areas that don’t have readily fresh water supplies, a well or a river, and the people have to travel, many times by foot days at a time for a limited supply (usually a bucket or so) of water, in many cases not even drinking water!

All the functions of the body depend on water. It is the universal lubricant that makes everything else work well.

A lack of water dehydrates the fluids, tissues, and cells of the body. It causes the blood to thicken, increasing the risks of stroke and heart disease. Insufficient water can mimic hypoglycemia, causing headaches, tiredness, and fainting spells.

The body loses ten to twelve cups of water every day. The food we eat provides two to four cups of water, so we need to drink six to eight glasses each day to make up the difference.

Pure plain water is the best way to replace the fluid you need. Many sugar-laden beverages actually result in a loss of water from the system; it requires more water to metabolize the sugar in a drink than it can provide.

Caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics, which cause the body to lose water. You need an extra glass of water for every high-sugar, caffeinated, or alcoholic beverage you drink. The dehydrate effect that caffeine has on the body, in many instances will dry the skin, causing premature wrinkles and other health problems.

Drinking water with meals dilutes the gastric juices and slows the digestive process. The best time to drink water is between meals, beginning an hour or so after eating, until fifteen minutes before the next meal.


In these hot summer days, being able to enjoy a cool COFFIG Shake, COFFIG Yogurt or Smoothie is like drinking a delicious and satisfying healthy dessert which will provide healthy nutrients and replenish the body’s needs of pure water without any negative harmful effects as what happens with caffeine, sugar based sodas and alcoholic beverages.


(*) The author was trained (1994) as a Massage – Hydro Therapist & Wellness Lifestyle Promoter under Dr. Charles Thomas. Ex-Director of Loma Linda’s Hydrotherapy Department at Dessert Hot Springs Therapy & Wellness Center, CA.