By William G. Paul (*) – COFFIG© for a Better Life
(Part 2) May 2016 

In our previous Exuberant Radiant Living Article (Part 1) we introduced a Wellness Lifestyle Program, developed by the Weimar Health Institute in California named NEW START©. What we covered was the letter N that stands for NUTRITION (Proper or Ideal Nutrition).

Today we will advance to the second letter of the acronym: NEW START©, the E that stands for EXERCISE.

We were designed and created for action, and it is impossible to be truly well without it! Proper Exercise provides greater vitality, extra energy, and longer life.

  • Exercise helps us feel good. It is effective in fighting depression and in relieving anxiety and stress.
  • Exercise increases energy levels, making us more efficient and productive in all we do (real sustainable energy).
  • Exercise helps one to reach and maintain proper weight. It burns calories, builds muscle, and increases the metabolism.
  • Exercise stimulates the immune system. This decreases not only cold and flu infections, but also significantly reduces cancer mortality rates.
  • Exercise enhances circulation, which in turn improves memory and mental ability, and promotes better sleep and faster healing. It decreases the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis by delivering blood to the joints, and it can relieve headaches as well.
  • Exercise strengthens the bones, helping them retain calcium and other minerals, thus aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Exercise helps protect from heart disease by strengthening the heart, decreasing blood pressure and heart rate, and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Exercise aids digestion and promotes intestinal activity, reducing gas and constipation.
  • Exercise is known for increasing the production of endorphins              known as the happiness hormone for a positive attitude throughout your whole day!

Millions are seeking to have more and better ENERGY, but sadly they’re smujer_cafeeeking in the wrong place when their primary source is the early caffeinated cup of coffee. This alkaloid (caffeine) will never be able to provide true and sustainable healthy energy; to the contrary it will sap the body’s vitality and brainpowers by directly attacking the frontal cortex or frontal lobe, in addition to dehydrating the body and causing many other negative and harmful effects.

Why not go for Real and Sustainable Energy? The type of ENERGY that professional athletes are discovering lies within an Active Wellness Lifestyle based in Nature’s Way, with a Plant Based Diet, following the Principles of Health as we are sharing with you in this series of articles.

For many friends and customers, who are discovering true and real ENERGY as is found in COFFIG, their overall energy level is higher, naturally higher with all the added benefits of a unique and natural healthy product that will NOT rob anyone’s vitality and energy, on the contrary, it will provide a fresh influx of real energy for your brain, and fulfilling different daily needs without leaching or using beforehand your body’s stored energy supply! This is the reason thousands are making the wise and healthy transition to COFFIG…The Amazing Natural coffee alternative / replacement for a Better and Longer Health. Proudly produced in the Klamath Basin for the Nation and the World.


(*) The author was trained (1994) as a Massage – Hydro Therapist & Wellness Lifestyle Promoter under Dr. Charles Thomas. Ex-Director of Loma Linda’s Hydrotherapy Department at Dessert Hot Springs Therapy & Wellness Center, CA.