If you’ve made the decision to give up coffee for health reasons, you might discover that your love for coffee is not just about the caffeine. When you really think about it, what you could be missing the most is the coffee ritual.
Ditch the Caffeine but Keep the RoutineThink about when you most enjoy and would miss your daily coffee. Do you look forward each morning to sipping a stimulating hot drink while doing a little reading or journaling before starting your day?
Or maybe you like to savor a refreshing iced drink while taking a mid-afternoon break from work. Such a routine can help to “reset” your mind so you can resume working with renewed focus.
When you give up coffee for health reasons (and there are many – coffee is classified as a drug by the FDA), you don’t have to give up those little daily rituals that you’ve built around coffee.
It’s Your Choice
A good coffee alternative can ease your transition to a caffeine free life. True, many coffee alternatives do not taste exactly like coffee. But what if it’s not a precise taste replica you need? Keep an open mind, because in seeking a coffee flavor “twin,” you might overlook a drink that could become your new favorite.
Sometimes, it’s just a matter of what you’ve grown accustomed to. Take COFFIG, for example. Made solely from roasted figs, it replaces the bitterness that characterizes coffee with a smooth, rich flavor. Give your taste buds time to adjust; pay attention to the nuances of flavor in the new drink.
Soon, you’ll come to look forward to sipping your healthful coffee alternative as you make it part of your comforting daily rituals.

Freedom Never Tasted So Good

Don’t be surprised if you experience a new sense of freedom once you overcome the addiction to caffeine.
For example, have you ever been out to eat and wanted to choose a different beverage, but had to order coffee just to avoid being punished with a nasty withdrawal headache for choosing differently?
Now, when you stop at your favorite café and feel like having a strawberry smoothie instead of a latte, you’ll be free to indulge.