To produce the Healthiest, Most Delicious & Energetic Natural Alternatives to any Caffeinated Beverage in the Market, 100% from Plant Base Organic Non-GMOs Ingredients, always alcohol, caffeine, dairy, processed sugar, grains & gluten FREE!


To help enhance the health of everyone with a real natural, energetic and healthy substitute to coffee.

Considering that many individuals have problems drinking coffee because of the negative effects of caffeine on the nervous system and the brain; causing amongst other things high blood pressure; heart burn or acid stomach; sleep disturbances and so many other health issues.

Besides being committed in providing an AMAZING, excellent tasting product with an incredible aroma which our customers friends are able to enjoy 24/7 worry-free through our COFFIG Friendship Marketing (friend to friend & cup to cup), blessing everyone involved…we seek to impact the lives of millions with the principles of W.E.L.L. Wellness Energy Longevity Lifestyle for a Better and Healthier Life of Happiness and Purpose understanding that we were created by the Master Designer of the Universe to enjoy health, persuit happiness and help others to live a fulfilled life in a time where selfish systems and individuals are trying to destroy lives, reduce world population and bring upon the earth sorrow, sickness and death. God’s ways are always the best for a WHOLISTIC LIFE!